Notice 通知

Important Notice for Nexus Alliance Family Members :

Due to the recent market volatility, many peers have been facing closure and transformation after another. Despite all the challenges NA has faced, we refuse to indulge in negativity and turn obstacles into opportunities.

After meticulous consideration and discussion with various parties, with a heavy heart, the company has decided to temporarily shut down the NA system to merge and dock with other platforms and resume operations at the earliest possible time. Please contact the team leaders at one’s earliest convenience for data transferring. It is also necessary for all team leaders to fully cooperate with the company for everything to be on track and start anew. Hereby, the senior management of the company is extremely grateful to all the leaders for their invaluable support and advice to the company. Please look forward to the announcement of good news.

In the meantime, NEXUS and the new platform ARORA have reached a merger and cooperation agreement. It is expected that the data shifting will be completed and start running again on October 15th. Prior to this, the core leaders of the team must cooperate with the company to help assist the senior management to complete the translation work. Also, to associate with the senior management of ARORA in order to get the latest information and convey it to each team member to work at the same time. The company believes that it can definitely break through the predicament, get back on track, and develop smoothly.

System closing time: October 8th
Leaders and company executives will begin translation work

星联会员重要通知 :



系统关闭时间: 10月8号